Why Should You Attend In 2019

More Opportunities to Collaborate Ideas & Get Results on Production Practices

This event gives you a chance to meet senior decision makers and high quality delegates from the region's most active operators including: SVP's, VPs, Presidents, Directors, Seniors, Managers, Superintendents, Engineers, Specialists, Advisors, Heads Of.....

  • Production
  • Operations
  • Artificial Lift
  • Well Optimization
  • Automation
  • Completions

E&Ps Represented At The SCOOP/STACK Water Management Event In December 2018

Marathon Oil Company, Continental Resources, Gulfport Energy, Apache Corporation, Eureka Resources, Chaparral Energy, SK E&P, Alta Mesa, Le Norman Operating, Gastar Exploration, Cheyenne Petroleum, EQT, EOG Resources, Inc., SK E&P Operations America, Iofina Resources and more. Expect a higher quality turnout in April 2019

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities Now Available For 2019

Meet Suppliers Including...
  • Artificial Lift Technologies
  • Gas Lift Systems
  • ESP Systems
  • Rod Pump Systems
  • Plunger Lift Systems
  • Flowback Technologies
  • Choke Management Systems
  • Sand Control Systems
  • Gas Mitigation Technologies
  • Screen Systems
  • Bottomhole Sensor Technology
  • Pipe Coating Technologies
  • Pump Off Controllers
  • SCADA Technologies
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Guided Wave Radar Systems
  • Temperature Gauges
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Water Logistics
  • Water Management Systems
  • Water Treatment Technologies
  • Chemical Technologies
  • Completion Remedial Services
  • Corrosion Prevention Technologies
  • Erosion Prevention Technologies
  • Scale Prevention Technologies
  • BHA Design
  • Frac Design Software
  • Proppant Technologies
  • Well Planning Software
  • Well Servicing

Oklahoma Shale Production Optimization Congress 2019

With estimated reserves of up to 16 billion barrels of oil, and 200 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, Oklahoma's Anadarko Basin has long been a major contributor to U.S. production, but is only just getting started in terms of delivering on its full unconventional production potential.

Lateral well lengths in Oklahoma's shale formations have increased somewhat, but the biggest increase has been in the production per foot basis. The focus for Oklahoma's operators is now on...

  • Keeping horizontal wells flowing and producing longer to avoid writing reserves down
  • Improving capital and production efficiency and driving returns in tier 1, tier 2 and 3 assets
  • Optimizing costs and lowering cost per barrel as much as possible

After the resounding success of American Business Conferences' Oklahoma Shale Water Management SCOOP & STACK Conference in December 2018, American Business Conferences brings the Oklahoma Shale Production Optimization Congress SCOOP & STACK 2019 to Oklahoma City on April 30 and May 1, 2019.

This will be the region's first event focusing on driving production efficiency and lowering the cost-per-barrel, looking specifically at production techniques, strategies and new technologies against the backdrop of challenges specific to the region.

While having a greater focus on developing a better understanding of the most productive Artificial Lift strategies for the full life of Oklahoma's wells, the 2019 production optimization conference will also tackle the complexity surrounding flowback and choke management issues including mitigating gas interference, produced sand, solids and frac hits. The event's second day will also look at the latest automation, production chemical and water management technologies and strategies for making drilling and completions decisions with production optimization in mind.


  • Practical Application Based Case Studies Focusing On Artificial Lift Techniques, Flowback & Choke Management Strategies and Techniques For Mitigating & Controlling Sand, Solids & Gas Interference

Day 2 AGENDA FOCUS: MAY 1, 2019

  • Comprehensive Production Optimization Discussions Focusing On Automation & Remote Operations, Production Chemical Regimes, Produced Water Management Strategies & Drilling/Completions Decisions & Mitigating Frac Hits

2019 Agenda At A Glance

Delivering Production Techniques, Strategies And Technologies To Optimize Production Operations Against The Backdrop Of Region Specific Challenges

  • Comprehensive Production Optimization Strategy: Assessing Production Techniques And Flowback Strategies That Are Maximizing Production Recovery And Lowering Cost-Per-Barrel
  • Strategies & Production Techniques For Keeping SCOOP/STACK Wells Producing & Flowing Over The Long-Term
  • Lifting Approaches, Selection Techniques & Pump Efficiency For Gas Lifts, ESP, Rod Pumps & Plunger Lifts
  • Case Studies On The End Application Of Different Forms Of Artificial Lift Systems To Optimize Production Efficiency And Lower The Cost Per Barrel
  • Flowback & Choke Management Strategies To Flow Your Wells Back Faster & Keep Producing Longer
  • Optimal Method To Handle, Mitigate And Control Sand Production, Produced Solids & Gas Interference
  • Comprehensive Optimization Strategy: How Production, Drilling & Completions Are Working Together To Deliver The Most Optimized Horizontal Well
  • Cost-Efficient Frac Programs For Oklahoma's Shale That Deliver Optimal Production At The Lowest Cost
  • Effectively Pressure Up Offset Wells With Co2 Or Natural Gas To Mitigate/Handle Frac Hits
  • Drilling Decisions With Production & Completions In Mind: BHA Design, Lateral Lengths, Landing Zone and Long-Term Drilling Schedules
  • Strategies & New Treatment Technologies To Manage Produced Water Volumes From Sourcing To Disposal
  • Production Chemical Regimes To Cost-Effectively Manage & Treat Corrosion, Erosion & Scale In Horizontal Wells
  • Production Automation & Integrated Autonomous Operations Strategies & Technologies To Remotely Monitor, Measure, Control & Operate Wells
What Was Said About The 2018 SCOOP/STACK Water Management Event

'Attending the ABC is a must! The attendees and quality of the programming is always first class.'

'In-depth topics from respected industry professionals.'

'The gathered expertise was very evident. The networking was and is invaluable to our organisation.'

'A great opportunity to gain insight.'

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Live Streaming


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